Taxi 777

Mobile application for one of the largest dispatch services in St. Petersburg

Problems and goals

In all companies, every manager works hard to exceed the customer expectations. For taxi dispatch service, this goal turns attainable with Taxi 777 mobile application. The application offers a number of benefits, which a regular dispatch service cannot provide.

For example, a mobile application client can track the ordered car location and view how the car is arriving. There is an opportunity to contact the taxi driver if you have any questions, to repeat your previous rides when ordering, use promotional codes to receive a discount and more.

From the business owner’s point of view, the application can be used as an automation tool for the process of taxi ordering; it facilitates the work of dispatching service team and therefore reduces the costs.

Roxie Mobile as Taxi 777 design team had a task to create competitive mobile application, focusing on the standards of Russian and foreign markets leaders in this segment.



Today it is no longer sufficient just to create a mobile application. We had the task to analyze and investigate the most successful solutions of competitors, post some progress to them and create a good quality product, which the clients of Taxi 777 would use every day. In addition, it was required to bring the application design in accordance with the new Taxi 777corporate style.

While working, we were examining the user’s reviews in the Apple AppStore and Google Play. Besides, we have interviewed the drivers of Taxi 777, who shared the ideas and comments they received from their clients. We have demonstrated the applications to customer focus groups to obtain their feedback and verify the convenience and relevance of the new solutions.


Project implementation, creative way to the best solution

Our team offers the full cycle of developing and supporting the mobile applications – clarifying the business goals, prototyping, designing, developing the software products, testing and providing technical support.

During the pre-developing process, we have obtained many interesting and important proposals for improving the applications quality. One of them is the ability to save a comment to a certain address for the driver. For example, if it is difficult to find an entrance to the building a client can pin point the location on the map and add a comment such as “please stop in front of the playground”. Next time a client will only need to select this address from the “Favorites” list and the comment will be added to the order automatically.

In addition, the clients have an opportunity to place an order for a particular time, choose a class of the car and add additional services (booster chair, transportation of the pet, request to meet with a name sign, etc.). Another solution that the clients do appreciate is the ability to specify a complex route with several destinations.

We will continue working on the application and have the plans to implement such functions as switching between the card and cash payment during the trip; creating several orders simultaneously; using a single application in different cities and other functions to make the Taxi 777 application as user friendly as possible.

Results of cooperation

More than 70 000 clients of service Taxi 777 used the app. They highly appreciated the app and its features. Moreover, app quality was strong based on rate “crash-free”, which constantly took position 99,5-99,8%.
However, by way of merger Taxi 777 and a growth service Citymobil the app, which was previously developed by Roxie Mobile Ltd, was removed from app stores by the solutions of major partner.

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