Renaissance Credit

Developing features for outsourcing to mobile apps

Problems and goals

After launching the mobile banking for iOS and Android in commercial bank «Renaissance Credit» the internal teams of the IT department have started to support and develop the apps. Based on feedback and users’ wishes collected by marketing department they continue designing and developing the new features for the apps.

The process of apps developing and supporting is complicated and stretched over long time. As a result, the projects collect tech debts due-to the mass of time-consuming tasks and intermittent exchange of developing teammates.

In 2018 «Renaissance Credit» bank made a decision to proceed a technical audit of mobile app for iOS. The goal was to fix the significant problems, which blocked app developing, and to make a list of recommendations for evaluation of code quality and implementation a modern approach in mobile developing.

Project implementation

Компания «Рокси Мобайл» обладает значимой экспертизой в разработке мобильных приложений для банков. Ранее нами были реализованы проекты для «Лето Банка», Банка «ВТБ Армения», компании «Екассир».

Roxie mobile Ltd. has a huge experience and knowledge in banking apps developing. Previously we have launched the projects for «Leto bank», Bank VTB Armenia, Ekassir Ltd.

As a result of code review for «Renaissance Credit» mobile banking our developers analyzed the resources and find some ways for evolutionary refactoring of the project code and architecture, and for upcoming product development. The completed work has generated confidence and trust to Roxie mobile Ltd team. To continue collaboration between the companies, the developing of major part of new features in mobile banking for iOS was assigned to Roxie mobile Ltd developers. The result of such partnership was improvement of code quality and considerable decrease of bugs and issues, which were found in the phase of mobile app testing.

All while the teams started collaboration in developing the mobile banking for Android. The developers from Roxie mobile Ltd. helped to enable «Renaissance Credit» bank cards to work with Google Pay and Samsung Pay payment systems.


Results of cooperation

As a result of cooperation with Roxie mobile Ltd., the bank has speeded up launching of new features in mobile apps, reduced the number of issues and stabilized the processes in developing and resolving the new tasks.

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