Mir Pay

a user friendly app for contactless payment by smartphone

Problems and goals

Contactless payments via Pay services have become more popular every year. According the data of payment system Visa and MasterCard, Russian people are the world leaders in such transactions. Amount of payments operating with apps Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay increased in 2017 in 9 times compared to the previous year. In 2018 audience of such services and app increased in 3,5 times. However, the leading payments apps except Samsung Pay don’t allow to add and use Mir bankcard for payments. NSPK JSC, the operator of Mir National Payment System, decided to develop and launch a mobile app “Mir Pay” for users of Android smartphone with NFC technology so they can use Mir card for contactless payments.


Project implementation

NSPK JSC organized the tender for searching the team to develop such payment app. As a result, the team Roxie Mobile Ltd. won the contract. For correct payment transaction the project team provided the safety of the data transferred, worked out the scenarios for the devices checking and receiving the keys for the transaction completion. As a result, user friendly mobile app “Mir Pay” is a result of huge amount of work on the top of the modern technologies stack.


For purchase payment via smartphone Mir card holders should download the mobile app “Mir Pay” from Google Play, and add their card. It’s possible to pay using “Mir Pay” via all POS-terminals with NFC-technology. All transaction completed by the app are available in timeline. Additionally, the app users can find special offers and sales info from NSPK partners. For example, sales at shops, promo-codes for cafes or cinemas.
Moreover, Roxie Mobile Ltd. developed SDK for partner banks. It helps to display the information that the Mir card is added to “Mir Pay” in the mobile apps of the third-party developers.


The mobile app “Mir Pay” is available for downloading in Google Play. The users noticed in comments that they need the new features including withdrawing money via ATMs. Team of Roxie mobile Ltd. is developing the app in collaboration with the colleagues from NSPK.

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