Software package for cartage management in GazArtStroy company

Problems and goals

Car fleet Is intended to server managers and leading specialists in GazArtStroy company. The drivers meet employees arriving for business trip in Yakutia and deliver them to construction objective, or work only with divisional managers.

To optimize costs for car fleet, reduce wait time for drivers and save high car availability for employees the company decided to apply the system of internal taxi. Using the new system every driver can execute more transportation burden. Based on experience of using taxy services in big cities GazArtStroy company decided to use mobile apps for ordering internal cars.

Apps for passengers:

App for driver:



To implement the project IT-department of GazArtStroy company was looking for a team the team with relevant experience. They invited Roxie mobile Ltd. to participate in tender. As previously the team has developed that the team developed successfully the app for taxi service “777”, the largest one in Saint-Petersburg. The contract winner should have developed a platform for management of internal car feel and taxy. The system includes mobile apps for passengers (iOS and Android), and for drivers (Android).

Project implementation

Mobile apps for passengers have habitual features for taxy: ability to indicate a place on the map for starting the trip and several points of destination, choose time and car class depending on employee’s level of staff position. After ordering the passenger have opportunity to watch the order status, contact with the driver, and track car location. As the app is used for internal processes, the payment and ranking functions were turned off.


The mobile app for drivers allows to see all available orders. Drivers are informed about new orders via SMS or Push-notifications. When one of the drivers accepts the order, this order’s info turns hidden for other drivers.

All mobile application developed for the project are available in AppStore, and Google Play. The team of Roxie mobile Ltd. changed the registration process to limit the scope of users to employees of GazArtStroy.


Only that users who was added in internal system by expediter can sign up in the app. The expediters use a web-app to manage the passengers and drivers data. The web-app allows to create and edit information about passengers, drivers, cars, points of destination. The subsequent process of car ordering, driver assignment, and order implementation operates without expediters participation.

Results of cooperation

After implementation of the platform for management of internal car fleet GazArtStroy company has cut down their expenses for employees transportation by 2 times without reducing the quality and availability of the transport services for employees. The result motivates the team continue developing the project. In the future GazArtStroy company plans to extend the to extend functionality. For example, for ordering construction machinery and vehicles and run reports about capacity of drivers and cars.

Apps for passengers:

App for driver:

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